We have a mix of animals on the farm for meat, manure, milk, eggs, and predator control. We raise pork, chicken, and beef on pasture. We sell beef and a large variety of pork cuts, including maple bacon, several kinds of sausage, and snack sticks.


We raise heritage-breed pigs who live a happy outdoor pig life: chomping yummy pasture of grasses, legumes, and leafy plants; drinking lots of whey from a local cheese-maker; and eating a balanced ration of non-GMO grains to round out their diet. In the growing season, they get lots of veggies and weeds from the garden; in the fall, we gather wild nuts and acorns to go with fall apples; in winter, we add our own or local hay to their feed mix.


We raise meat birds in moveable chicken tractors, which get pulled to fresh grass each day. The meat birds are offered a feed ration and fresh water along with their salad bar. We have a gaggle of laying hens, who are truly free-roaming. We collect rainbow eggs from them, and occasionally a mama will even hatch some babies of her own to add to the flock.


The Dutch Belted cows we keep are for milk and meat. These strikingly banded cows are an old and endangered breed which is slowly recovering in the US. The total population seems to be around 1500 or so. The DB breed is a dual purpose breed, serving as both a quality grass-fed beef producer and an excellent, high butter-fat content milk producer. In the old times the breed was a triple-purpose breed with steers being raised to oxen.

Our cows are registered with the Dutch Belted Association of America as purebred. We will occasionally have cows/heifers available for sale. Please send us an email to be added to our notification list.