Maple Syrup

In late winter, we tap our sugar maples and boil down the sap to a beautiful, sweet syrup. We bottle exclusively in glass, as opposed to plastic. We think glass keeps the syrup tasting better, is best for the environment, and shows off the glowing amber of the syrup. We are nearing completion of our sugar house and will soon welcome maple enthusiasts to visit during boiling times!


We have an ever-expanding garden, where we grow veggies, cut flowers, and culinary and medicinal herbs. We apply the biodynamic preparations to our soil and compost. We work our garden using only hand tools and farm-made compost. We are experimenting to find the best ways to grow what we want, while at the same time learning what grows best here, as we adapt our diet to what the land provides.

Hay and Forest Products

We produce quality hay for our livestock and offer some for sale. We sustainably manage a large section of forest for our maple production, as well as firewood and timber.